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Ball valves can typically be utilized in nearly any industry which uses liquids, gases, slurries or suspended solids. The ball valve contains a hallowed sphere which allows for materials to flow but can handle extremely high temperatures up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Another key factor to ball valve success is superior resistance to abrasive chemicals that could cause erosion. With the growing demands on highly versatile ball valves new innovations are being created to ensure maximum safety as well as sanitary properties. New ball valves products are designed for handing the higher demands of the upstream pressures with extremely tight shut-off capabilities.

One major goal of newer ball valve designs to create solutions that are not only energy efficient but provide the longest service life possible. Those looking to purchase ball valves must decide between a variety of options based upon their application requirements. The five general types of ball valves including single body, three piece body, top entry and welded. There are also a number of styles regarding the ball itself including: full port, reduced port, V port ball, Kompact ball, cavity filler ball valve, trunnion ball and floating ball. Although there are a variety of issues with ball valves such as stem leakages, seat leakage and cleaning difficulties there have been some major strides in improving the limitations of these devices.

In recent news there has been an agreement between the United States and Canada on the selection of a balloon-type ball valve that will be used in sewers and drain pipes to prevent backed up sewage from causing flood damage. This newer technology will be very important with the potential amount of flooding due in the future. Both Americans and Canadians users will greatly benefit from the advanced shut off features of this new balloon-type ball valve. The plumbing and heating industries are also predicted to gain from these efficient innovations. In addition to the growing need of cutting edge ball valve there has also been an increased demanded for jacketed valves and many other types of valve equipment.

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